Remote MastTM
Since 1988
Custom Remote Controlled
microphone stands from Mr Stand-Man

The Remote Mast Story
In the 1980's Jerry Chapman was in his early thirties and operating a small Machine Shop in Anderson, South Carolina. While attending a religious convention in Greenwood South Carolina, a friend Tim Casteen asked Jerry if he could make a motorized microphone stand. Tim had heard of some past attempts to build such a devise but these were rather crude with automobile antenna motors and fishing line. Jerry agreed to give it some thought and soon began to search for a suitable motor. He remembered that the company where he had formally worked was using small DC motors for a new machine design. Jerry acquired one of these motors and soon Tim Casteen supplied some special motion screws he had picked up at a ham radio swap meet. Jerry acquired an older Atlas MS-20 (brass) microphone stand and with these basic components built a prototype. (Interestingly enough Remote Mast to this day still uses these same brand manufactured components in their stands. The quality and reliability of these original components are unmatched and RM Products will not compromise this quality.
After completing the prototype it was first used at a large Convention in Greenville South Carolina where it was highly appreciated for its practical advantages . Jerry soon made improvements in the design and introduced Remote Mast Model KH followed shortly by Model CD. These Stands have served thousands from the United States to Europe and Japan to China and Sri Lanka to Australia..

Special Thanks to Tim Casteen for a great idea !
Tim still has the original prototype and it is used weekly
at Christian Meetings in Seneca, South Carolina.


Some of our
Appreciative Customers

Walt Disney Studios

CBS Television
(The Price is Right )

City Life Productions

South Carolina State

Jersey City, NJ  Theator, Assembly Hall

Sallisbury, NC  Assembly Hall

Orangebourg, SC  Assembly Hall

Conyers, GA  Assembly Hall